Friday, July 11, 2008

WYFF Greenville has Mechanics test Water4Gas

There are alot of sites out there offering reviews of Water4Gas. Well, it looks like regular journalists are starting to take up the act.  Here's a decent story done by a Greenville, SC local news station on the Water4Gas system.  They gave the blueprints for the Water4Gas system to a local service station who then build the kit and installed it in two days in a 1990 Buick Century.  Said the automotive service center owner and techs:

"We saw an instant change how the car was running.  No, it's not a scam, it's the truth.  I thought this was going to be a joke and no way it could work. But  it does work! Without a doubt, I do think it will increase mileage."  

Unfortunately, the online text story introduces some confusing information by citing the Better Business Bureau warnings that were issued recently concerning any gas saving devices.   Here's what you gotta know---there is a MAJOR MAJOR difference between the hundreds of prior gas saving devices tested by the EPA and which DO NOT work vs the hydrogen on demand, hho gas, or hho generator devices including the kits you can make with Water4Gas.    The EPA  **HAS NOT** tested these hho devices.   The article does NOT do a good job of pointing that out and makes it seem like the HHO generators are what the BBB is warning about.   

This all goes back to what the politicians in Washington are NOT doing for us during this energy crisis.   The EPA test that needs to be ran against these devices costs a company $14000. Why doesn't our government spend the $14K itself and test a few of these without waiting for companies to approach them.   Aren't the stakes high enough to warrant someone getting off their beaucratic butts!  Hello DOE and EPA?

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