Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Update on Aquygen

It's been awhile since I posted anything on this blog about Aquygen. So, on a whim, I decided to call Hydrogen Technology Applications Inc and try to talk with Denny Klein to see how his venture is progressing. I had tried this a year ago when his technology was finding its way into several news outlets but the phone was always busy, ie, ringing off the hook. Today, a year later, the phone is answered on the first ring. I explained to the receptionist that I was a blogger and wanted to interview Denny or someone to get an update on their business. She said, "we are not providing interviews at this time. " "Really, why not?" "Policy." --long pause-- "And what is the policy based on---did something happen that caused it to go into effect?" "No, that's all I can say at this time." I pressed her a bit more by explaining that I just wanted to ask some innocent questions as a follow on to the discoveries Klein has made. But apparently this is strict policy against it now. Just in case anyone wants to try the same, here is the info grabbed from their website. See also the note about the "auto system."

Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc.
4707 140th Avenue North, Suite 116Clearwater, Florida 33762
Please do not telephone us about the auto system. It will not be available until 2008.
Denny Klein

Hydrogen Cars are Coming

Looks like cars fueled by hydrogen will be hitting the road soon with leasable vehicles predicted by 2010.