Saturday, June 28, 2008

Installation Directory

Are you looking for someone to install an HHO kit for you?  It's new, but now there's a central place to find an installer or retailer of kits or kit parts or even...a manufacturer of kits.

More Proof? aka Hypower fuel inc. has a link to all of their independent test results showing that their hho gas or hydrogen on demand systems increase gas mileage, reduce emissions up to 80% and increase torque.  Look at their field and lab tests results. Very interesting indeed!!  

I think the Roush Labaoratories testing of emission reduction is interesting indeed. 

If you're still wondering if you can run your car on water, the answer is yes but only after its been converted to hydrogen or hho gas and then injected into your fuel system.  Check out these great testimonials.

If you're feeling luck, invest in their stock

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Manufacturer Interview

I was fortunate enough to catch some time just now with a new company producing hydrogen on demand, hho gas generators.  I'm waiting for some follow up info but I can tell you that the interview I performed was, to me at least, very very intriguing.  Check back in a couple days!!

Here are some highlights: this company started out by purchasing the Water4Gas books, built a prototype and tested their results (I'll explain how later) and then tweaked til they came up with what they say is a quality product.   The net is that in 4 months, they have literally sold hundreds of these devices with only 1 returned unit.   

If you are a mechanic or a weldor or are really handy with cars (unlike yours truly), you should start getting educated about this technology.  Stay tuned for the interview

Old 2005 Wired Article regarding Truckers using HHO

I stumbled across this article while researching the phrase hydrogen fuel injection system. Hydrogen fuel injection systems are also known as water hybrid or water fuel cell or hydrogen on demand systems or hho gas. All of these are typically advertised as technologies that enable you to run your car or vehicle on water.
This article points out that a trucking company in Kansas was saving $700/month in fuel costs per truck by using these devices. Since gas prices have doubled since then, it's safe to assume they may be saving over $1500/month. They had ordered these for 25 units.

This is one of those cases where it's interesting to place a balance sheet showing decreased fuel costs next to a forum posting citing the impossibility of hho gas devices due to the laws of thermodynamics. Luckily, the issue is not merely philosophical but rather something to be settled by science! :-)

Calling All Mechanics

Are you installing HHO Gas devices today? Do you have plans to do this at your current business? If the answer is yes and / or you know someone who is planning to do this, would you kindly identify yourself to me via the comments on this post. I am going to begin profiling persons who can install hydrogen on demand or hydrogen fuel injection systems.

Also, if you have a friend who is a mechanic and has been thinking of furthering their work with HHO, please have them get in touch with me ASAP. Forward this link to them...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another HHO Gas Manufacturer

Came across another of those local news station pieces on a "local inventor" who has created their own HHO Gas or hydrogen on demand system. I'm working on putting together some interviews of these companies in the coming days. 

My take on this is that folks are educating themselves about how to build these things and once they build a prototype or two, the next logical step is to create a company and sell the devices on the Internet. Is there some reason why you shouldn't do the same thing? :-)  I think the real marketing angle here is word of mouth not so much the Internet. That's what I'm hearing from mechanics I've spoken to about this. 

HHO into an engine

It's been awhile since I polled YouTube for new HHO Gas content.  I came across this video which was put together by an HHO hacker.  I clicked on some of his other videos...very interesting indeed. 

Thursday, June 19, 2008

HHO Gas Generator Conspiracy?

If HHO gas generators can increase fuel efficiency by 10-40%, fuel tax revenue would decrease by 10-40%.  This is something I guess I had considered briefly but brushed off because I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories.  But if you let your mind wander a bit, like Caleb over at HydrogenRetrofit,  you might just wonder why a technology such as this whose claims are so easy to test and validate or test and repudiate is not of more interest to our multi-billion dollar Dept of Energy and EPA.  I had a conversation tonite with Caleb. He's a pretty enthusiastic supporter of hho gas technologies and he walked me through his thinking on this topic which I found to be very well thought out. Thanks Caleb.  In general, I think new technologies like this just take time to gain acceptance and understanding.  For those who want to work with an emerging alternative fuel technology, I recommend starting with this publication

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alternative Fuel and HHO Gas Investors

As interest in HHO gas starts to truly spike as a result of increased validation, its more than natural that persons will start wondering what investment opportunities exist in the space. There are a few publicly traded companies out there pursuing HHO gas generator and water fuel cell technologies. It's interesting to compare these various attempts with the software companies of yesterday. In this article, I make the claim that the more an alternative energy company mirrors a traditional software company, the more interesting it is as a possible investment.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

News from National Hydrogen Association

HHO Gas fans, there is some updated news from the National Hydrogen Association on what they call Hydrogen Fuel Injection Systems which we call hho gas generators or running your car on water. It's on the water hybrids page. I interviewed Patrick Searfass this week about this technology and he gave me alot of confidence that this industry is truly rising up out of nowhere and could become pervasive rapidly. It is very exciting.

Also, I put together a little post on pros/cons of do it yourself vs complete kits. Think of it as meta data based on all the ebooks and kits reviewed on the site. Of course, we're still waiting for the Aquygen folks to make some announcements about their product plans but as mentioned previously, it appears they will focus on the trucking industry first.

I'm hearing that alot of mechanics and folks who work with trucking fleets are starting to really get their hands dirty with this whole concept of water fuel cells.  To test this, I asked a couple friends who work in this field if they had heard of it and what they thought about it. Both were gung ho to test it out as quickly as possible.  The opportunity they see here is to become proficient at installing these kits so they can sell the units and installation services

Your USA Federal Government and HHO GAS

I spent part of my morning looking into your federal government's involvement in validating and promoting of hho gas or technologies based on it.  If you're a cynic, then you won't be shocked.  Essentially, to date, no manufacturer has approached the EPA with regard to testing a hydrogen fuel injection or hyrdogen on demand system, although the folks I spoke to are personally familiar with the offerings on the market. Unfortunately, the EPA is not mandated to find technologies to test but rather to work with any vendor who wishes their claims to be tested.  So far no hho gas device manufacturers have stepped up although the manufacturers I spoke to this morning have said they will do this testing eventually.  

MARKET ALERT: If you are a manufacturer of an HHO gas device and you are seeking to separate yourself from the pack, then you should seriously consider taking the EPA test at one of these qualified labs

For now, I believe--perhaps naively--that there is a research project here that could win Dept of Energy Funding.   Essentially, the project would have two parts:  1) validate the claims and establish proof of hho gas injection systems and 2) test various later stage kits offered by the top companies in the space.   Such testing would need to occur at an EPA approved lab following the regular battery of tests on a dynamometer.  Essentially, they test a vehicle prior to the installation of a device, after installation and then again after removal.  They can modify the test partially if for example the vendor claims that the system needs 30 days of road use for best results. 

If you are disappointed like me that the Dept of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency havent done more to promote, test and validate HHO GAS and technologies like water fuel cells or hydrogen on demand systems, you should contact your congressman like I intend to do.