Thursday, June 19, 2008

HHO Gas Generator Conspiracy?

If HHO gas generators can increase fuel efficiency by 10-40%, fuel tax revenue would decrease by 10-40%.  This is something I guess I had considered briefly but brushed off because I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories.  But if you let your mind wander a bit, like Caleb over at HydrogenRetrofit,  you might just wonder why a technology such as this whose claims are so easy to test and validate or test and repudiate is not of more interest to our multi-billion dollar Dept of Energy and EPA.  I had a conversation tonite with Caleb. He's a pretty enthusiastic supporter of hho gas technologies and he walked me through his thinking on this topic which I found to be very well thought out. Thanks Caleb.  In general, I think new technologies like this just take time to gain acceptance and understanding.  For those who want to work with an emerging alternative fuel technology, I recommend starting with this publication

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