Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Your USA Federal Government and HHO GAS

I spent part of my morning looking into your federal government's involvement in validating and promoting of hho gas or technologies based on it.  If you're a cynic, then you won't be shocked.  Essentially, to date, no manufacturer has approached the EPA with regard to testing a hydrogen fuel injection or hyrdogen on demand system, although the folks I spoke to are personally familiar with the offerings on the market. Unfortunately, the EPA is not mandated to find technologies to test but rather to work with any vendor who wishes their claims to be tested.  So far no hho gas device manufacturers have stepped up although the manufacturers I spoke to this morning have said they will do this testing eventually.  

MARKET ALERT: If you are a manufacturer of an HHO gas device and you are seeking to separate yourself from the pack, then you should seriously consider taking the EPA test at one of these qualified labs

For now, I believe--perhaps naively--that there is a research project here that could win Dept of Energy Funding.   Essentially, the project would have two parts:  1) validate the claims and establish proof of hho gas injection systems and 2) test various later stage kits offered by the top companies in the space.   Such testing would need to occur at an EPA approved lab following the regular battery of tests on a dynamometer.  Essentially, they test a vehicle prior to the installation of a device, after installation and then again after removal.  They can modify the test partially if for example the vendor claims that the system needs 30 days of road use for best results. 

If you are disappointed like me that the Dept of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency havent done more to promote, test and validate HHO GAS and technologies like water fuel cells or hydrogen on demand systems, you should contact your congressman like I intend to do. 

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