Sunday, July 30, 2006

Venture Capital for HHO Gas

I've been corresponding with a gentleman representing a VC firm who has performed a bit of initial research into Klein's efforts. Out of respect, I'll keep the identities confidential. Essentially, this person has visited with Klein at his facilities in Florida. His conclusion is that this is a classic case of a technology with many immediate practical applications but in needing of funding and guidance to achieve it's true potential. Accordingly, Aquygen has the potential to be a blockbuster invention. Will we all be driving water powered cars? Only time will tell. For my part, I did some poking around on this particular VC firm and found it to be involved in many enormous projects (read multi-billion dollar infrastructure type projects).

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Updated Video Links

Alot of the previous links to video coverage have expired and become broken. For 3 quick videos go here .

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A previous reader commented about my broken link to Klein's Patent application. It caused me to go back and do a bit more research. For now, I see 4 related patent applications from Klein related to Aquygen. First, here's one for an anti-rust treatment. Next, here's one for a solution that makes it easier to perform electrolysis.

Here's the most recent one for hho gas . Here's a previous one for what seems to be the same thing.

Water Engine, Aquygen or Brown's Gas?

Here's an article written without the aid of alot of research. :-) The purpose of including it is to show that the story of Aquygen continues to make the rounds. Oh well, let's all keep guessing, shall we?