Sunday, July 02, 2006

A previous reader commented about my broken link to Klein's Patent application. It caused me to go back and do a bit more research. For now, I see 4 related patent applications from Klein related to Aquygen. First, here's one for an anti-rust treatment. Next, here's one for a solution that makes it easier to perform electrolysis.

Here's the most recent one for hho gas . Here's a previous one for what seems to be the same thing.


Josh said...

This article conflicts with it's self.
- "a water engine is probably impossible." and then
- "Powering a car is perfectly possible using water"
He assumes that Aquygen is Browns Gas when it is not. See

Im tired of baseless skeptics.

3rdbillygoat said...

>>> Im tired of baseless skeptics. >>>

And many of us are tired of out-of-context edits. The ENTIRE sentence reads:

"Powering a car is perfectly possible using water through the process of electrolysis."

(emphasis mine)

In other words:

Energy In > break H20 bonds > isolate H2 > use H2 as either a gas to be burned (oxidized; ie recombining with oxygen) or run H2 through a fuel cell (H2 once again recombining with oxygen) to generate electric current.

Either way H2 is an energy storage medium that, on our planet, generally requires (energy from somewhere) to isolate it.

Maybe Aquygen is the real deal, but the evidence doesn't seem to going that direction.