Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Klein's Patent Application

Ok. Here you go. Klein's patent application for an "Apparatus and method for the conversion of water into a new gaseous and combustible form and the combustible gas formed thereby."

Here's the patent app # 20060075683.

The abstract reads:

An electrolyzer which decomposes distilled water into a new fuel composed of hydrogen, oxygen and their molecular and magnecular bonds, called HHO. The electrolyzer can be used to provide the new combustible gas as an additive to combustion engine fuels or in flame or other generating equipment such as torches and welders. The new combustible gas is comprised of clusters of hydrogen and oxygen atoms structured according to a general formula H.sub.mO.sub.n wherein m and n have null or positive integer values with the exception that m and n can not be 0 at the same time, and wherein said combustible gas has a varying energy content depending on its use.

Fascinating Frustration over Aquygen Validity

In maintaining this blog, I've read alot of articles, blogs etc on Aquygen and Denny Klein's hybrid car that runs partially on water. It is very interesting to me that many who would consider themselves to be part of the scientific community aren't simply skeptics of Denny Klein's Aquygen. Instead, they are actively upset that he is getting any news coverage at all. Take a look at the debate at wikipedia over whether or not to even have an entry based on Aquygen.

I like the idea of inventions coming from outside academia or corporate-driven R&D although obviously I realize that happens often. Call me sentimental but I like the idea of ordinary individuals focusing their efforts to produce something thought impossible.

I can now link directly to the CNN Video of Denny Klein's hybrid vehicle that is based on what he claims is a new electrolysis-type process to yield stable hydrogen gas on demand.

Monday, May 29, 2006


James Randi's forums have alot of chatter about Denny Klein's HHO gas.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

change the balance of economics

Interesting musings from a fellow follower of the developments of Aquygen.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Truckers take note

Looks like the truckers are now interested in this story.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

More Video

Another local TV station with footage.

Read the Patent

Here's the US Patent office listing for Klein's application.

Revolutionize the Energy Industry

Another blog/news site covering the story.

UK Auto Industry Report

A UK Auto Industry site has picked up the story. It reports, "The Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen System ("HHOS") can generate sufficient Aquygen Gas using 'wasted' engery from a car's alternator to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water through electrolysis to enrich a vehicle's traditional fuel supply (gasoline or diesel) to provide a net power increase. "

Also of interest here is that the alternator "requires 4hp of the stock engine's base power" while producing a "net 17hp gain."

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Scientific Article on Klein's gas HHO?

Here is a Science Direct abstract that lays out the following: "In this paper we present, apparently for the first time, various measurements on a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen called HHO gas produced via a new electrolyzer (international patents pending by Hydrogen Technologies Applications, Inc. of Clearwater, Florida), which mixture is distinctly different than the Brown and other known gases. The measurements herein reported suggest the existence in the HHO gas of stable clusters composed of H and O atoms, their dimers H–O, and their molecules H2, O2 and H2O whose bond cannot entirely be of valence type. "

Romanians first to license HHO Aquygen

Well, I guess its not always easy to spot an opportunity early in the game. But it looks like a Romanian firm is the first to license Aquygen technology. Straight from Hydrogen Technology Applications' website.

Other cars run on water too?

Here's a bit of fringe commentary about other attempts at alternative fuels.

Skeptics Chime In

An article from
World Net Daily records some skepticism on Denny Klein's cliams. Writing on peswiki.com, Ken Rasmussen stated: "[Klein] may have an efficient way to break down water for pure hydrogen and oxygen to run an engine. Several of us are on the verge of perfecting the process, but none of us want to make fools of ourselves with TV claims until ALL the bugs are exterminated."

More Local News Video

A car that runs on water. More local news coverage of Denny Klein's invention that supposedly produced a hybrid that runs on water. This is an Austin, TX station.

No Tank Required. Welding Gas On Demand

Here's an interesting pdf that says the welding machine based on HTA's electrolysis
process does not require a tank. Instead it produces the welding gas on demand.

If Denny Klein's claims are true, this would be one of the greatest breakthroughs in history.

Water powered cars?

Here's some skepticism about the car that runs on water.

The BoingBoiing blog says, "it seems like every 15 years or so some guy comes along and claims to have come up with a way to turn water into clean burning fuel."

Self Study Lead to Discovery

This Tampa Tribune article mentions that Denny Klein is not an engineer. He gained knowledge about gases through self study and working "whirlpool spa and suntanning businesses."

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Decent Local TV News Video

Is this the clean fuel of the future?
This Louisville, KY Local News Video provides a good overview of this alternative fuel hybrid. But can it really do 100 miles on 4oz of water?

Could this be true?

I started this blog because I just don't yet believe the claims advanced by this company:

Inventor Denny Klein claims to perfected a fuel efficient electrolysis method whose most notable application is to fuel a car using water. HHO is the gas that results from this process. Klein calls it Aquygen.

It appears http://www.wtvt.com/ is the first TV station to run this story back in July 22, 2005

CNN recently aired a follow up version of the story. Go to the CNN video and search for "fuel claim" without the quotes.

The purpose of this site is to consolidate stories, comments, & links on this topic.