Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Could this be true?

I started this blog because I just don't yet believe the claims advanced by this company:

Inventor Denny Klein claims to perfected a fuel efficient electrolysis method whose most notable application is to fuel a car using water. HHO is the gas that results from this process. Klein calls it Aquygen.

It appears http://www.wtvt.com/ is the first TV station to run this story back in July 22, 2005

CNN recently aired a follow up version of the story. Go to the CNN video and search for "fuel claim" without the quotes.

The purpose of this site is to consolidate stories, comments, & links on this topic.


wayne said...

Since you started following this two years ago, what is your determination? Fact or Fiction? Have you created, seen, or have known personally someone who has converted their car into a gas water hybrid? Or better yet, a water powered car?

b said...

hi wayne, sorry it took awhile to publish your comment. So yes, I've had this blog for two years. I think it is a fact that water fuel cells or hydrogen on demand systems do what they say which is increase fuel economy, reduce emissions and increase torque on a vehicle.

I think there are hundreds of people experimenting with kits and improving the results every day. It's a fantastic example of crowdsourcing. If people ask me whether I think it's worth investing in some of these ebooks or kits, my answer is yes, absolutely if you have an inclination for all things mechanical. I think the best starting point is the Water4Gas ebooks and I'm not alone with that because some of the folks who are now selling literally HUNDREDS of these kits started with that book. Read the review of it at http://waterhybrids.blogspot.com

Second, as you experiment, I invite you to collaborate with others on HHO devices in an HHO Gas forum here: http://waterfueling.com/forum

I am not yet convinced that a car can run on water and only water....however, I see advances every day in the kits that area available....and it makes me wonder.