Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3rd Party Validation

One of my preoccupations with this blog lately has been to round up all the 3rd party validation testing that's been performed on hho gas based hybrids. It hasnt been easy because companies marketing these solutions seem to be growing rapidly just based on field tests of prospective customers who eventually become customers proper. 

Today, there was a news story done where the news station crew itself installed a unit on their news truck and ran a before/after test on a DYNAMOMETER.  They found their Dodge SUV increased MPG from 9mpg to 23mpg.  That's a 60% increase in mpg.  

I added the story to the Water Hybrids Review Page. Check it out!


I did a little browsing of the web over the weekend and the explosion of websites, products and interest in hho gas is becoming mind boggling. In the coming days, we will start investigating more commercial entities targeting industry and fleets. And additionally, we may begin adding more products to the Water Hybrid Systems Review page. For now it's a good starting point if you are looking for information about some of the ebooks (like Water4Gas) and kits (like Hydrogen Boost) on the market.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Korean Government mandates HHO

I've been fortunate to be communicating with Kevin Kantola from Hydrogen Car & Vehicles about HHO and it's future. He is certainly one of the most knowledgeable sources of information for hydrogen generators for cars both fuel cells and hybrid plugins. He's a much accomplished and dedicated blogger.

Today he posted a great article on HHO generators and hydrogen on demand systems. Of note to me was the move by the South Korean Government to mandate HHO be installed on over 100,000 transport trucks in large part to cut down on emissions. Also of interest was a company called Hydrorunner which has 3rd party verification that their HHO on demand product is not a scam. There's alot of great information on Kevin's site.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

1996 Cadillac from 19mpg to 53mpg

You really need to read about this guy in Alabama, Larry Thrasher, who has been experimenting with his own hydrogen on demand system for the past 18 months. He was recently covered by his local press for apparently creating a system that took his 1996 Cadillac from 19 to 53mpg. BTW, his wife's 1996 Toyota gets 71mpg. He uses a 14 gallon water tank.

He'll speak about his findings on Monday, May 19 at Calhoun Community College in Decatur, from 6-9pm. Thrasher has rented Calhoun's Aerospace Training Center for the lecture, and will charge $60.00 per person.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Blog on Water Conversion Kits

I started a new page on the various Water Hybrid Conversion Systems that are popping up all over the place. If you googled hho gas and found this page, you may be interested in reading about these systems.
In a previous post, I pointed out that the Aquygen folks are focused on a solution for trucking fleets right now and will later turn their attention to a consumer version. In the meantime, you have a growing list of offerings in the marketplace all seeming to show the same thing: how to create your own water hybrid conversion kit using easily obtainable parts.

So, if you're interested in the various offerings out there, check out this page.

UPDATE:  In a previous post, I wondered when some high school students would test out these HHO Kits.  Looks like a couple kids in Kentucky did just that!  Look at their results:

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The US Department of Energy dips it's toe

When I started this blog 18 months ago, all I really hoped to accomplish was to learn more about blogging by tracking an interesting news thread related to a CNN story on Aquygen. I didnt start this as a cheerleading soap box for hydrogen fuel cells or Aquygen for that matter. It just seemed like an interesting story that captures the imagination of anyone who ponders it for more than a moment: a car that can run on water?  Which ever way the wind blows on that one seemed like a good place to be--either it gets debunked and you have a human interest story covering a modern day scam or it gets validated and a modern energy revolution ensues transforming modern day life in a way we couldnt imagine even 5 yrs ago.  Nice odds either way. 

What's interesting to me is when I tell people I have a blog on water/hydrogen fuel cells, almost no one ask me whether or not I believe in it. Instead, they ask about what it's like to blog and how much money I earn from adsense, etc.   I've never taken a public position on where I stand with regard to this technology.  I reason with myself that I'm not a scientist capable of disproving these claims and try to simply stick to reporting or sharing information I find on the topic.  But If you've read this blog over the last several months, I think you can tell that I am hopeful about water based fuel cells.  I dont spend alot of time looking for disproving information....but I can tell you there are alot of angry people out there who identify themselves as either scientists or very science minded and who dismiss this technology with a  sneer.   Here's an example of what I mean from an engineering forums website. 

One good thing came from that article in that it caused me to look into what our very own USA tax dollars are doing to examine this new set of energy efficiency claims. After all, what are we getting for our $25Bil/yr anyway? Actually, that's a much wider scope than I'd like to cover here obviously so I confined it to a simple, "is anyone looking at this technology at DOE?"

Well, I couldnt find any studies or funded research per se but that was via a 10minute scan of their website.   What I did find was a section of the DOE website devoted to Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data and more specifically a page on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Related Links. 

If you scour that list you may find more than I did but what I found was a listing of a company called Hy-Drive Technologies LTD.  It appears to be a publicly traded company in Canada.  And their main focus is hydrogen on demand systems for vehicles although they appear to be heavily focused on heavy machinery vehicles....naturally, right, since that's where the consumption and dollars are if this thing is ever going to get going. 

What's interesting about Hy-Drive is they have a section listing the science behind their capabilities. Take a look at this list of scientific research related to their hydrogen on demand hybrid system.  And if you are a potential investor, have a read of this: short sweet summary of their capabilities from a benefits/advantages point of view. 

I think it's interesting to see how organized and serious this company is about pursuing a business based on a hydrogen on demand system.  While it does not constitute scientific proof, I think the fact that a publicly traded company is pursuing this at least puts the venture on a footing of increased legal scrutiny that is significant. 

But as for the Department of Energy having a link on it's website to this company, I find it very very interesting.  Yes, but you say, they have a disclaimer on that website saying they dont endorse any organization in the list.   Well, my response is  take a closer look at the full disclaimer statement.  This is a human edited list. And here's a note for the legal department at DOE to ponder: "The researchers and technical writers made diligent efforts to ensure the information presented on this site is accurate and complete."  

To me, that's fairly interesting but of course more information still needs to be gathered.

Photo Credit:  Hy-Drive's photo used in this post is found at this URL

Friday, May 09, 2008

Who is reading this blog?

One of the more interesting entrys into this blog is coming from persons using google to translate this blog from English into Arabic. 

Also, it's probably not related but have a look at this similar Arab/english blog.

Enthusiastic Article

Liz Casey puts together a nice piece that shows what happens when you let Aquygen capture your imagination.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Energy Planet

I was happy to see this blog listed in EnergyPlanet's Renewable Energy Directory. I consider this blog you're reading a microtopic blog which focuses fairly narrowly on the gas known as Aquygen.

Regarding the directory, it seems like the sort of thing I wish I had thought of! Best of luck EPRED!