Monday, April 14, 2008


Here's the third installment of an interview I had with Russ Scott, COO at Hyrdogen Technology Applications Inc.

Question: There are other companies creating technologies that seem to be similar to your Aquygen. Would you care to comment on these technologies? Are they scams?

Russ Scott: I dont know if they're scams or not. I would offer you this. If they are producing water form an electrolysis and they're using mason jars, that's just about enough gas. Uh...the best way i could describe it to you and i dont mean to be rude. You could flatulate more gas than they're going to produce using a mason jar. I dont have the time to go down through each one and tell you how they are different. The only thing is, we've taken alot of time and an awful amount of R&D with 3rd party laboratories in the US and Europe to prove we are not Brown's gas and we are not these other gases. Because we are who we are and because we make a very unique gas that to date no one else can compare their gas to ours because we create more hydrogen in our gas than anyone else out there that we have identified. Thats how we stand apart. We have less water in our gas, more hydrogen in our gas, blah, blah blah. That's not just us saying that we have 3rd party validation now that supports that we have this unique capability to produce this very rich hydrogen gas...that sets us apart from the others out their that we have tested. We've even gone to the point of buying their equipment and having at the 3rd party laboratory along with ours, where the gas was taken directly from the apparatus and results of the test were fed back to us from independent laboratories.

Question: is there someone you could cite in that regard in terms of 3rd party laboratories?

Russ Scott: I will not let that out until we are ready to make an announcement through all the media. I would not do that through one source. But, you know, we've got laboratories that we've done this with as long as my arm almost.

Question: do you think these other devices are unsafe?

Russ Scott: I dont know. I really dont know. I've not been in the room with them. I'm not an engineer. I've not looked at those devices and frankly, as long as I know that we are unique from anything else that's out there and that we produce more than and better than....I dont care about them.


Sorry, next installment concerns DoD and Venture Capital.

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