Thursday, April 03, 2008

Interview Cont: Update on Automotive Application

Here's the next installment from my interview with Russ Scott, COO of Technology Applications Inc. on 26 March 2008.

Question: has there been progress in terms of releasing an automobile application?

Russ Scott: when you talk about automotive, are you talking about truck fleets or passenger vehicles? We are not going to announce a passenger vehicle application for this before 2010. Now, I'm not going to tell you early 2010, 2nd qtr 2010...I'm just going to say we will not have a passenger vehicle application ready for commercialization before 2010. So between now and 2010, we're spending all our effort in doing the R&D and the validation with two Fortune 300 companies truck fleets.

Question: So for now, you're just focused on truck fleets?

Russ Scott: Initially, we intend to spend our time in the early stages here with on the road truck fleets.


In future installments, Russ will comment on Venture Capital, Immitators & 3rd party validation of claims, etc...

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