Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why hasn't there been any press releases for 18-24 months?

So, here's the first installment of an interview I was able to perform today with Russ Scott who is COO of Hydrogen Technology Applications Inc. I wanted to start with the last question he was willing to answer because it was one that I thought was most interesting.

Question: It seems like 18-24 months ago, there was an interest on the part of your company to talk to the media. But since then...there hasnt been....

Russ Scott: We're gonna know, the more we give, the more they want. And we're going to stay under the radar screen as much as we can until we're ready for a very strong public announcement as to what we've accomplished in that 18 month time period that you are making reference to right now. know....we're just about there.

Question: so then, it was just a big pain when those early news stories came out? in other words, with the media interest it was difficult to conduct your business and stay focused is that what you're saying?

Russ Scott: There was too much....because what it did to this buried this office trying to answer phone calls. The office wasn't prepared for that. So no, we're not going to put something else out there to create more of that. We dont have the infrastructure in terms of people sitting at desks just to take these phone calls.
In future excerpts, I'll post what Russ had to say about immitators/scams, the time frame for his first automotive application, 3rd party laboratory validation, and other topics.

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