Monday, March 17, 2008

More on YouTube videos

I was thinking about it this morning.  If you look at the coverage on Denny Klein a couple years ago, it was all over the place even on CNN.  Then they completely stopped talking to the press.  Granted, as a small company, it must be quite a burden to the normal conduct of business to have all this press floating around, etc.  But still, it did make you wonder if maybe they were going to back off some of their claims.  Pons/Fleishman cold fusion comes to mind here. 

But in viewing what they put together on YouTube, you get a strong sense that they are not backing off any of their claims. And with regard to the welding application, it seems they are actually progressing to later stages of developing their marketing strategy by including comments from actual users of the product.   

And of more interest to everyone is of course the claims regarding hho gas as a fuel. They are not backing off of their claims here either.  Watch the second Youtube video and you will see they are actually touting how little effort was required to retool the car with their hydrogen on demand system.  51% fuel efficiency they are touting.  Im not  a physicist so I'm not sure exactly what that probably extremely basic concept means.  Ah yes, wikipedia says its the efficiency of converting chemical (or other) energy into kinetic energy. 

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Anonymous said...

These are very exciting times....... Check out Klein's website at Also check out Fox News interview w/ Klein

They are selling (on Klein's website)the H2O 1500 Aquygen system for a little under $7K. The auto system is anticipated to rollout sometime in 2009.

I m a little confused and concerned....The government has known about this but they continue to push for Ethanol from Corn Cobs, which does very little or nothing for the fight against global warming. How can you even compare the two......hands down HHO.
It makes you wonder why we have not heard anything from the government regarding HHO. Why do they insist of feeding us this BS re: corn husk. Some believe that the government and the oil industry do not want us to know. Remember, we consumer the largest portion of the worlds oil. what would happen if we no longer needed it? What impact would it have in the world market? Can you imigine how this would change life as we know it........exciting times.