Saturday, March 22, 2008

H2O 1500 Aquygen™ Gas Generator

Figured it was time to add a few pics to the blog. Here's the Aquygen Gas Generator, ie, welding maachine. From hytechapps, this description:

The H2O 1500 Aquygen™ Gas Generator runs on water and electricity only! It produces a stable hybrid hydrogen-oxygen gas, with many unique properties. The generator provides a superior gas for most conventional brazing, soldering and metal cutting operations.

These advantages are listed:

Economy: It's up to 90% less expensive than acetylene in gas costs.
A Healthier Working Environment: Zero emission of carbon monoxide versus 100 parts per million for typical acetylene.
Operational Safety: Aquygen™ Gas is light and dissipates rapidly into the atmosphere: compare to acetylene, which is dense and seeks ground level.
Environmentally Friendly: Aquygen™ Gas produces zero pollution when burning, while hydrocarbon-based fuel gases pollute the environment.
New Applications: In addition to performing most conventional brazing, soldering and cutting operations, the H2O 1500 Aquygen™ Gas Generator performs many exotic cutting, brazing and fusing applications that cannot be performed by conventional methods and processes.


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