Thursday, June 26, 2008

Calling All Mechanics

Are you installing HHO Gas devices today? Do you have plans to do this at your current business? If the answer is yes and / or you know someone who is planning to do this, would you kindly identify yourself to me via the comments on this post. I am going to begin profiling persons who can install hydrogen on demand or hydrogen fuel injection systems.

Also, if you have a friend who is a mechanic and has been thinking of furthering their work with HHO, please have them get in touch with me ASAP. Forward this link to them...


MTC said...

My name is Todd with Comptons Automotive in Charlotte,NC I do want to install HHO kits.I have recieved many requests from my customers.I am looking for a dealer/supplier

mabrante said...


My name is Miguel Abrante and I have been working with hho fuel cells for the past month. I already have two working prototypes (one installed on a 4cyl fuel injected car and another one installed on a carburated 4 cyl pick-up). I teamed up with a close friend and mechanic here in Arecibo, P.R. and we plan to sell these units in the island.

Barry Moss said...

My name is Barry and I live in the UK, Bolton, near Manchester. you folk have it real easy in the U.S for fuel.. here in the U.K we pay more than 11 dollars a gallon thats nearly £6 a gallon or £1.40 for a litre of Diesel, I would like to start selling and installing HHO conversion kits to vehicles in the U.K can anybody put me on to someone who can sell me a kit to fit in my own vehicle first, with fuel going up daily in Europe there is a massive market for these kits and at the right price there is a fortune to be made.