Tuesday, June 17, 2008

News from National Hydrogen Association

HHO Gas fans, there is some updated news from the National Hydrogen Association on what they call Hydrogen Fuel Injection Systems which we call hho gas generators or running your car on water. It's on the water hybrids page. I interviewed Patrick Searfass this week about this technology and he gave me alot of confidence that this industry is truly rising up out of nowhere and could become pervasive rapidly. It is very exciting.

Also, I put together a little post on pros/cons of do it yourself vs complete kits. Think of it as meta data based on all the ebooks and kits reviewed on the site. Of course, we're still waiting for the Aquygen folks to make some announcements about their product plans but as mentioned previously, it appears they will focus on the trucking industry first.

I'm hearing that alot of mechanics and folks who work with trucking fleets are starting to really get their hands dirty with this whole concept of water fuel cells.  To test this, I asked a couple friends who work in this field if they had heard of it and what they thought about it. Both were gung ho to test it out as quickly as possible.  The opportunity they see here is to become proficient at installing these kits so they can sell the units and installation services

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