Thursday, July 31, 2008

Water4Gas Better Business Bureau

Someone was telling me recently that the Better Business Bureau has a file on 1 Freedom Inc.,makers of Water4Gas ebooks and whose CEO is Ozzie Freedom.  Interesting, I thought, since anything automotive must generate alot of finger pointing and the injured party calling it a scam or hoax. For example, maybe someone installs a kit then has mechanical problems and blames the kit. I thought maybe there would be a few of these types of complaints where the root cause may be questionable.  So I checked out the file and learned that the only thing the BBB is complaining about is that 1 Freedom Inc used the logo apparently somewhere in their materials.   I was unable to verify that claim made by the BBB.  But if you read the file, it is clean.... no complaints.  Remarkable!!!

What I was able to verify is that the BBB is annoying a finance company by listing an improper phone number for 1 Freedom Inc on their website.  If you call the number on the webpage, you will not get the Water4Gas people.  

My personal opinion is that the BBB goes on to unfairly lump HHO Gas technologies and Water4Gas into the pack of devices that the EPA has tested over the years.   I've personally spoken to the program manager of that EPA program.  The single biggest problem I have with it is that it is a passive program---they only test something when a company approaches them and asks for a test.  As a taxpayer, I'd like to see that group of people actively engage with the marketplace and go out and test devices themselves without prompting.  Furthermore, I'd like to see some politicians or someone in DOE get behind this idea to once and for all test these HHO Devices!   There's plenty of consumer sentiment out there that these devices work.  And while I'm at it, I think the BBB should join me in making this call for unprompted testing of a few of the devices on the marketplace.  The test shouldn't say which one works best, but whether or not as a class of devices they work. 

And also, it would be nice if I could finally catch up to Ozzie Freedom for an interview on this blog.  Ozzie, email me:

National Corn Growers Association and HHO Gas Speaker

Lake Land College recently held Agronomy Day. Among the speakers was Mary Holmes from the National Corn Growers Association speaking on the topic of ethanol and the controversy surrounding an increase in food prices that some attribute to crops being grown for fuel.

Interesting to me, however, was the other speaker on the docket at Agronomy Day: Lake Land Technology Division Chairman, Tim Van Dyke who demonstrated an hho gas generator. Van Dyke explained that you could enhance fuel efficiency up to 50 %. I sent a note over to Mr Van Dyke and hope to speak with him soon.

I'd like to try and get more agriculture folks discussing HHO gas in the forums. Or reading about Water4Gas.

HHO Gas: Ford, General Motors, Honda, Nissan, Chrysler

I've been hoping to write about major auto manufacturers who are investigating HHO Gas. If you work for one of these organizations and can speak about your research, contact me at

Many of you have been reading this blog for some time which is interesting in itself. I'm willing to share information I have with you. Readers of this blog want to know when you will start announcing your own modifcations to take advantage of this technology if in fact that will happen.

From an economic standpoint, I always think about automakers experiencing higher oil prices as impacting sales of SUV or larger vehicles which (and I'm no economist), I have heard are your most profitable lines. Well, if these are your profitable lines and gas prices are making them too expensive to buy, then why not embrace some of these HHO devices out there?

Talk to me:

Texas Hydrogen Solutions

Here's another local newspaper article covering a local person who is attempting to save money by using an hho gas generator. This time, this one is made by Texas Hydrogen Solutions. I wonder if this is another venture launched from a reading of Water4Gas.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Test Results on Hydro 4000 bby WPTV

Jamie Holmes is a reporter for WPTV in West Palm Beach Florida. Back in July, he tested a local company's Hydro 4000 device by having it installed on his TV SUV.  The test results showed the truck was getting 9.4mpg before installation of the hydro 400 and 23.2 after installation. That's over double.   But there was some question about the mechanical condition of the van since the 9.4mpg was below the manufacturer rating.   So a new test was devised with the help of Florida Atlantic University's Dr. Amir Abtahi.  This time around on a 2001 Chevy Tahoe, the test took the vehicle from 11.8 mpg to 13 mpg.   

I think this is a great story whose relevance is that is shows more research is needed.   The makers of the Hydro 4000 say they are going to submit to govt testing soon. That's fantastic if true.  

My opinion is that a test needs to be done that simulates typical driving loads for both city and highway driving.  If end users are reporting more torque, this implies they are probably also accelerating more with these devices which in turn reduces fuel efficiency.  I believe a test should identify to like vehicles of the same make/model.  Calibrate both vehicles using the dynamometer to make sure they both have approx the same MPG.  Then install an hho generator on one unit and rerun the tests. Again, do this for city and highway loads.   

Eventually, this type of scientific analysis is going to be done.  What these universities should be doing is applying to the National Science Foundation for research grants to do the tests correctly.  

Monday, July 28, 2008 Update

Launched in May 2008, is designed to provide a place where consumers can discuss with one another technologies and kits, learn about the latest HHO developments and find a local hho installer for a kit in the HHO directory. Traffic to the site has tripled each of the 3 months it has been up.  For July, we're now seeing over 3000 visitors per month.  The site your reading now gets about that much traffic every 2 days. 

I've got some updated info on the way regarding some HHO tests that were performed recently. Stay tuned!  The goal is to have that out by the end of the week. 

Friday, July 18, 2008


For the two years that I've been studying HHO Gas and HHO Generators, I've seen alot of local news stations and local newspapers cover the story.  But in the past 30 days, there seems to have been an E X P L O S I O N of stories about HHO.  Let's go to the list of links.  Outside the US, it's all about "electrolisers" or what we call HHO Generators. Here's an article about a Barbados company, Trans-Tech, installing electrolizers around the Caribbean and South America.   Next, we go to Northern California for a story about Ben Overbeck who started out by reading Water4Gas and then started selling his own kits. It references the Popular Mechanics study being performed on these units now by Mike Allen who's quite frankly a bit of a jackass because he came out early on saying these things dont work but then later admitted it was worth testing so he's building a unit now himself.   Next, we go to South Washington County, MN for yet another local mechanic making a mint out of selling hho generators.  Any time you see a glass jar, it's likely the "local inventor" started with a Water4Gas ebook.  Again, it's a good starter for someone looking to learn more about this technology and unlike a KIT, you can get a refund if the technology is not for you.   Let's close this HHO update with a story done by Corpus Christi's KRISTV covering an RV shop, Colonia Del Rey RV that does the installs.  They should be in the directory. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

HHO Questions: Where to go for Answers

Alot of people contact me with questions about this or that aspect of HHO, HHO Generators, what kits to use, where to buy the kits, the ebooks to buy, etc. Sometimes, they try to use the comments feature of this blog to get answers. For most questions like that, I now recommend posting them to a public forum set up for that purpose, ie,

There are forums where you can discuss technical details, ebooks, experiences, and you can find people who can install hho gas systems, as well as HHO Events in the HHO Calendar. etc.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

FORD Motor Company is Investigating Hydrogen on Demand

If HHO Gas is so great, why aren't the large automotive companies researching it? They are! According to Jennnifer Moore from Ford Motor Company Communications, Ford Motor company is researching hho gas or hydrogen on demand systems for installation in Ford Vehicles. They have nothing to report in terms of specifics at this point but stay tuned!

This is another step in the right direction for this technology, which as it's viability becomes more apparent, could have a tremendous impact on our energy needs moving forward.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Punch HHO!!

I spoke to Tom and Briane from Punch HHO a few days back. Tom was kind enough to give me a few moments to talk about his company's success in the last 4 months which is excessive to say the least. Although he only bought the Water4Gas books 6 months ago, he's been selling his own modified kit for 4 months now and has sold H U N D R E D S of them. Before all this success however, what motivated him to start a company was the following:

We bought the books and learned all about it. We put the units in our car and got excellent results of about 8-10mpg gain in both test vehicles and that got us really excited. So I started looking around at hydrogen cells and noticed that people were selling glass jars, they're selling literally coffee stainless steel mugs with wire inside of the craziest, most ridiculous things I've ever seen. So I decided of course I can do better than that. I can do way better than that. So i emptied out my garage. I built two workstations in it...large oversized two car garage. I spent all the money I have on parts and tools and I just started building and working 14hrs a day building and testing. And then once I had a unit I was confident in that I could release to the public, I had my partners build me a website and the first day in business, we sold a bunch of units. And it just started to go crazy and it's to the point where I have 3 people working for me. There's no way we can keep up, we're trying. I'm expanding into a new building and we're going to blow this thing up!

Tom went on to describe some of the experiences he had in investigating some of the other products on the market. He called them up and posed as a potential customer and got a few really crazy capability claims. In a future posting, I will share more information about this rapidly growing company.

WYFF Greenville has Mechanics test Water4Gas

There are alot of sites out there offering reviews of Water4Gas. Well, it looks like regular journalists are starting to take up the act.  Here's a decent story done by a Greenville, SC local news station on the Water4Gas system.  They gave the blueprints for the Water4Gas system to a local service station who then build the kit and installed it in two days in a 1990 Buick Century.  Said the automotive service center owner and techs:

"We saw an instant change how the car was running.  No, it's not a scam, it's the truth.  I thought this was going to be a joke and no way it could work. But  it does work! Without a doubt, I do think it will increase mileage."  

Unfortunately, the online text story introduces some confusing information by citing the Better Business Bureau warnings that were issued recently concerning any gas saving devices.   Here's what you gotta know---there is a MAJOR MAJOR difference between the hundreds of prior gas saving devices tested by the EPA and which DO NOT work vs the hydrogen on demand, hho gas, or hho generator devices including the kits you can make with Water4Gas.    The EPA  **HAS NOT** tested these hho devices.   The article does NOT do a good job of pointing that out and makes it seem like the HHO generators are what the BBB is warning about.   

This all goes back to what the politicians in Washington are NOT doing for us during this energy crisis.   The EPA test that needs to be ran against these devices costs a company $14000. Why doesn't our government spend the $14K itself and test a few of these without waiting for companies to approach them.   Aren't the stakes high enough to warrant someone getting off their beaucratic butts!  Hello DOE and EPA?

HHO Kit Complaint: water fuel scam?

I've been maintaining this hho gas blog for over 2yrs and have had multiple hundred thousand visitors. I've made myself available to be contacted and like to interact with folks who are interested in this technology.  In all that time, I've never had a single person contact me claiming the kit they bought was defective or that Water4Gas was a scam.  Not once.  Until today. 

I was contacted by a gentleman whose name I originally intended to publish because I had his permission to do so but now I'm not going to.  In any case, this concerned person contacted me to let me know that HHO is a scam and a hoax. So, I patiently listened to his situation--how he bought a kit from a guy his his area. His friend installed it. A month later, he's got $600 car repair bill and thinks the kit was the cause.  I then spoke to the person who made and sold him the kit.  To make a long story short, I listened to both sides of the story and sided with the kit maker.  I'm not going to go into the details but be advised, if you install a kit, you need to know what you are doing. If you can't change your oil on your car, you could probably still install one of these kits but maybe it's not for you.  Instead, find someone to install one for you.   If you're uncertain if you want to get to that stage, then start with this ebook.  At the very least, you can download it, read it and decide whether the technology is for you.  If it's not, you get your money back.  That will minimize your risk.   Or, do nothing. It your choice. 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

HHO Games offers $100,000 Prize

HHO technologies and hho generators are starting to take on the trappings of regular after market products ....or they will be if Joe Shea has his way.  He is organizing the world's first HHO Games to be held Nov 11-14, 2008 at IMG Academies in Bradenton, FL.  Joe told me today that he's organizing this event as a function of his sense of civic duty as an American to spread the news about HHO Gas and the supporting technologies.   He believes that Ford and GM should be investigating this technology as it could restore their SUV sales and possibly prevent them from going out of business.  I thought it was an interesting idea.   In the meantime, Joe is putting together cash awards for best products on the market with $100,000 going to top prize.  

New Interview from Hydrogen Technology Applications Inc

I had a casual conversation with someone working for HTA just now and learned quite a bit about their progress.  I'll be posting excerpts from that interview in the coming days.  I asked this person about Stanley Meyers, Daniel Dingel, the japanese Water car, Water4gas, John Kanzius, 3rd party lab validation and alot about the craziness at the company that followed the CNN story.   If you are working with HHO gas, you'll want to check back soon or maybe you dont

Water4Gas Video

Here's a Water4Gas video. Interviews with a guy working on the Help Desk for Water4Gas

Water 4 Gas Ozzie Freedom - Hydrogen On Demand, Save Gas - Click here for more free videos

You Need a Crazy Person to solve a Crazy Problem

A friend of mine is Filipino and I asked him to translate excerpts of this story for me. The subject is a man named Daniel Dingle who purportedly discovered a way to run a car on water back in the 1960s--completely on water and not with any gasoline or batteries, etc. This is different than the HHO gas devices and ebooks being sold these days showing you how to turn your car into a water hybrid.

The interesting thing about this story is Dingel claims to have offered this technology to the leaders of the Phillipines at the time but they told him that the World Bank suppressed it out of concern for other financial interests they have.

Why am I posting it now? Dingle is now interested in selling his technology to foreigners. The announcement came out a couple days ago. If you have the means.....

To discuss this story further, enter the forums.

Essentially at 1:22, Dingle starts talking about meetings he had with Marcos/Corry in the 1980s. He was told that his invention would require asistance from the Central Bank which was dependent upon the World Bank. The World Bank had interests that forced them to squash the technology. In the 1980s, Dingle was publicly discredited. But now, with recent announcements around the world of water based technologies, renewed interest is occurring.


Monday, July 07, 2008

First Media Interview


For the first time, I had a reporter contact me for an interview on the subject of hho gas, ebooks, kits, etc. Lots of the usual questions people have when they start investigating the concept of "run my car on water" or "convert my car to run on water," etc. But overall, this concept of improving gas mileage with HHO kits needs to be written about more often among the mainstream media. There's alot of things that should be done in this regard such as EPA testing, DOE research grants, etc. I could go on and on and as a blogger, I guess I should.

The reporter asked me what are some of the challenges with adopting this technology today and I went into my thing about how there's not alot of mechanics out there offering installation services. I mentioned and getting Water4Gas into much wider readership.

Today, at, a Find a Local HHO Installer Forum was launched under Consumer Solutions. If you need an installer in your local area, post a message there.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another HHO Local Inventor Story

Every few weeks a local TV stations talks about a "new inventor" of an hho gas device that turns your car into a hybrid and reduces gas costs by 30-40%.   here is the latest installment in the series--this time from Charlotte, NC.  The stories are getting better at least they are starting to talk about how these devices work in that they "burn gasoline more efficiently" by adding hho gas to the mix.   The manufacturer in this story, Camelpack, does not yet have a review on (so they should contact me).   The devices cost $600. 

What I like about this article is they are interviewing the hho  installer, a man named Daniel Jimenez, who has installed 4 units so far.   More mechanics should start getting on the ball with this because you could start a whole business out of doing nothing but installing these things.  To do that, you should (1) purchase a Water4Gas manual, (2) find a supplier or build your own kits and (3) list themselves on the only known vendor neutral directory of HHO gas installers

Another HHO Gas Success Story

Here's a pretty good local tv station (WABI TV 5 ) story on a guy named Todd Eaton who built his own hho gas fuel cells and achieved increased gas mileage. I'm surprised the reporter didn't challenge him with the laws of thermodynamics. :-) Results are what matters not misinterpreted applications of theories. Discuss this article at WaterFueling.Com.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Japanese Water Car: Powered by Water and ???

Alot of us have Japanese Cars but there is apparently only one Japanese Water Car. Maybe your friends told you they learned about a Japanese Water Powered Car recently.  This posting will briefly describe what you need to know about this Japanese Water Car. :-)  To begin, let's debunk the first myth associated with this story.  On June 12, 2008, a Japanese company called Genepax DID NOT announce that they had manufactured a water powered car but rather they announced that they created a power generation system that some are calling a water fuel cell but which Genepax calls the  "Water Energy System (WES)" and whose core technology is a "membrane electrode assembly (MEA)" that is essentially device with a special material they developed which when immersed in water produces hydrogen or HHO gas.  They created a fuel cell installed it into an electric car made by Takeoka Mini Car Products Co. Ltd.  Essentially an electric plug feeding the car was connected to the WES and the result is what will likely become known as a Japanese Water Powered Car.  They claim that "continuous recharge is possible with the system mounted in the car." Based on the information released on their website, the company does not intend to enter the car market but rather go after all the various energy needs of the planet.  They disavow any reports that attribute specific figures related to converting water to miles per litre or gallon.  Reuters had reported that the car could travel 1hour at 50kph on 1 liter of water. 

But if they dont intend to make cars with their invention, what do they want to do? As they say on their website, "it is urgent that the WES
 be disseminated to the greatest extent possible throughout the world. " But how? Can you invest in their company?  No, they do not intend to go public and are not seeking private funding.  Can you sell their product?  No. But if you have an application for the technology, you can approach them via their website to pitch your idea to utilize WES.  They believe in mass production, their units will cost around $5000. 
Let's back up a bit. What kind of water does it use?  It can use tap, river or sea water but they say pure water keeps the unit cleaner longer. They stress that nothing other that WES and water is the source of the energy in the system.  According to their President and CEO, Kiyoshi Hirasawa, "we have created this kind of ideal energy...from water."

What's next?  First, they say some 3rd party test results will be released.  This will tell us whether or not it is a hoax. They are inviting the foreign press to meet them in Japan and learn more about WES. 

What's my take on this?  I think alot of what was believed to be understood about hydrogen generation specifically in relation to automobiles has been rewritten in the past 18 months ala hydrogen fuel injection systems.  But in this scenario, energy is gathered first from the electrical charge off  car battery.  In Genepax's case, they are claiming no such need for a battery.  My guess is there is an abundant amount of room for tinkering around with hydrogen generation.   But ultimately, this could still be a hoax with some associated scam.  Time will tell. 

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Do you need an hho installation expert?

Are you wondering if there is a local establishment that can install a hydrogen fuel injection or hydrogen on demand system in your car for you? Shoot me a quick note and I will try to find a local one for you.  If you want to also purchase a unit from the install shop, please mention that.  I'm currently looking for hho installers in Houston, TX,  Los Angeles, CA and South Florida. If you are one, contact me as well.  email