Thursday, July 10, 2008

HHO Games offers $100,000 Prize

HHO technologies and hho generators are starting to take on the trappings of regular after market products ....or they will be if Joe Shea has his way.  He is organizing the world's first HHO Games to be held Nov 11-14, 2008 at IMG Academies in Bradenton, FL.  Joe told me today that he's organizing this event as a function of his sense of civic duty as an American to spread the news about HHO Gas and the supporting technologies.   He believes that Ford and GM should be investigating this technology as it could restore their SUV sales and possibly prevent them from going out of business.  I thought it was an interesting idea.   In the meantime, Joe is putting together cash awards for best products on the market with $100,000 going to top prize.  

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