Monday, July 07, 2008

First Media Interview


For the first time, I had a reporter contact me for an interview on the subject of hho gas, ebooks, kits, etc. Lots of the usual questions people have when they start investigating the concept of "run my car on water" or "convert my car to run on water," etc. But overall, this concept of improving gas mileage with HHO kits needs to be written about more often among the mainstream media. There's alot of things that should be done in this regard such as EPA testing, DOE research grants, etc. I could go on and on and as a blogger, I guess I should.

The reporter asked me what are some of the challenges with adopting this technology today and I went into my thing about how there's not alot of mechanics out there offering installation services. I mentioned and getting Water4Gas into much wider readership.

Today, at, a Find a Local HHO Installer Forum was launched under Consumer Solutions. If you need an installer in your local area, post a message there.

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