Friday, July 18, 2008


For the two years that I've been studying HHO Gas and HHO Generators, I've seen alot of local news stations and local newspapers cover the story.  But in the past 30 days, there seems to have been an E X P L O S I O N of stories about HHO.  Let's go to the list of links.  Outside the US, it's all about "electrolisers" or what we call HHO Generators. Here's an article about a Barbados company, Trans-Tech, installing electrolizers around the Caribbean and South America.   Next, we go to Northern California for a story about Ben Overbeck who started out by reading Water4Gas and then started selling his own kits. It references the Popular Mechanics study being performed on these units now by Mike Allen who's quite frankly a bit of a jackass because he came out early on saying these things dont work but then later admitted it was worth testing so he's building a unit now himself.   Next, we go to South Washington County, MN for yet another local mechanic making a mint out of selling hho generators.  Any time you see a glass jar, it's likely the "local inventor" started with a Water4Gas ebook.  Again, it's a good starter for someone looking to learn more about this technology and unlike a KIT, you can get a refund if the technology is not for you.   Let's close this HHO update with a story done by Corpus Christi's KRISTV covering an RV shop, Colonia Del Rey RV that does the installs.  They should be in the directory. 

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