Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another HHO Local Inventor Story

Every few weeks a local TV stations talks about a "new inventor" of an hho gas device that turns your car into a hybrid and reduces gas costs by 30-40%.   here is the latest installment in the series--this time from Charlotte, NC.  The stories are getting better at least they are starting to talk about how these devices work in that they "burn gasoline more efficiently" by adding hho gas to the mix.   The manufacturer in this story, Camelpack, does not yet have a review on (so they should contact me).   The devices cost $600. 

What I like about this article is they are interviewing the hho  installer, a man named Daniel Jimenez, who has installed 4 units so far.   More mechanics should start getting on the ball with this because you could start a whole business out of doing nothing but installing these things.  To do that, you should (1) purchase a Water4Gas manual, (2) find a supplier or build your own kits and (3) list themselves on the only known vendor neutral directory of HHO gas installers

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