Friday, July 11, 2008

Punch HHO!!

I spoke to Tom and Briane from Punch HHO a few days back. Tom was kind enough to give me a few moments to talk about his company's success in the last 4 months which is excessive to say the least. Although he only bought the Water4Gas books 6 months ago, he's been selling his own modified kit for 4 months now and has sold H U N D R E D S of them. Before all this success however, what motivated him to start a company was the following:

We bought the books and learned all about it. We put the units in our car and got excellent results of about 8-10mpg gain in both test vehicles and that got us really excited. So I started looking around at hydrogen cells and noticed that people were selling glass jars, they're selling literally coffee stainless steel mugs with wire inside of the craziest, most ridiculous things I've ever seen. So I decided of course I can do better than that. I can do way better than that. So i emptied out my garage. I built two workstations in it...large oversized two car garage. I spent all the money I have on parts and tools and I just started building and working 14hrs a day building and testing. And then once I had a unit I was confident in that I could release to the public, I had my partners build me a website and the first day in business, we sold a bunch of units. And it just started to go crazy and it's to the point where I have 3 people working for me. There's no way we can keep up, we're trying. I'm expanding into a new building and we're going to blow this thing up!

Tom went on to describe some of the experiences he had in investigating some of the other products on the market. He called them up and posed as a potential customer and got a few really crazy capability claims. In a future posting, I will share more information about this rapidly growing company.

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