Thursday, July 31, 2008

Water4Gas Better Business Bureau

Someone was telling me recently that the Better Business Bureau has a file on 1 Freedom Inc.,makers of Water4Gas ebooks and whose CEO is Ozzie Freedom.  Interesting, I thought, since anything automotive must generate alot of finger pointing and the injured party calling it a scam or hoax. For example, maybe someone installs a kit then has mechanical problems and blames the kit. I thought maybe there would be a few of these types of complaints where the root cause may be questionable.  So I checked out the file and learned that the only thing the BBB is complaining about is that 1 Freedom Inc used the logo apparently somewhere in their materials.   I was unable to verify that claim made by the BBB.  But if you read the file, it is clean.... no complaints.  Remarkable!!!

What I was able to verify is that the BBB is annoying a finance company by listing an improper phone number for 1 Freedom Inc on their website.  If you call the number on the webpage, you will not get the Water4Gas people.  

My personal opinion is that the BBB goes on to unfairly lump HHO Gas technologies and Water4Gas into the pack of devices that the EPA has tested over the years.   I've personally spoken to the program manager of that EPA program.  The single biggest problem I have with it is that it is a passive program---they only test something when a company approaches them and asks for a test.  As a taxpayer, I'd like to see that group of people actively engage with the marketplace and go out and test devices themselves without prompting.  Furthermore, I'd like to see some politicians or someone in DOE get behind this idea to once and for all test these HHO Devices!   There's plenty of consumer sentiment out there that these devices work.  And while I'm at it, I think the BBB should join me in making this call for unprompted testing of a few of the devices on the marketplace.  The test shouldn't say which one works best, but whether or not as a class of devices they work. 

And also, it would be nice if I could finally catch up to Ozzie Freedom for an interview on this blog.  Ozzie, email me:

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Jim Tagge said...

I put one of the electrolizers in my buick lesabre with a factory mileage rating of 27 on the highway and i know get 40 mpg. Let them say it doesn't work. I laugh as i pass all the gas stations. The fuel additive works very well too. I recommend to everyone, buy one or build one.