Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Blog on Water Conversion Kits

I started a new page on the various Water Hybrid Conversion Systems that are popping up all over the place. If you googled hho gas and found this page, you may be interested in reading about these systems.
In a previous post, I pointed out that the Aquygen folks are focused on a solution for trucking fleets right now and will later turn their attention to a consumer version. In the meantime, you have a growing list of offerings in the marketplace all seeming to show the same thing: how to create your own water hybrid conversion kit using easily obtainable parts.

So, if you're interested in the various offerings out there, check out this page.

UPDATE:  In a previous post, I wondered when some high school students would test out these HHO Kits.  Looks like a couple kids in Kentucky did just that!  Look at their results:


James Jr. said...

Sweet blog entry, you are #2 on google. Has anyone you know started a retail business installing these HHO systems into cars?

Nozu4me said...

I am currently undertaking a personal HHO conversion on my Jeep. I purchased the kit manual from Run Your Car on Water. With all of the skepticism flying around the 'Net about water conversions (fraud, hoax, scam!), most folks seem almost embarrassed to admit that they bought a manual or instructions for conversion. Sadly, this results in a terrible lack of shared information. I would be GREATLY interested in a blog where HHO converters can unabashedly share their triumphs, difficulties, questions, trials, product/parts suggestions, etc. I don't care which kit you are using--I care about your experience, insight, and specifics. For example, I am trying to find a suitable Beam-Garretson adapter for my Jeep. All of places I have called have no idea what I am talking about when I say "Water/Hydrogen conversion." Any ideas, websites, company names?? I have found over my lifetime that what was once considered impossible, is now everyday. Fifty years ago, personal computers and the Internet were fantasy concepts for nuts like us. :)

erieboater said...

I too am venturing into the HHO to run my car, and the fleet of vehicles where I work if the prototype on my car works. I was looking for the proverbial Beam-Garretson adapter when I found this blog. The HHO generator itself seems do-able enough, but getting the hydrogen to the engine, instead of the gasoline, or a suitable combination of both, has me puzzled. Someone mentioned using the factory TPS to regulate the amount of hydrogen flow ( instead of making one to mount seperately),which makes sense, but how do you lower the amount of gasoline going to the engine, injected by the factory system, without flooding the engine? Are these systems supposed to shut off the gasoline flow entirely? Or only run on gasoline at an idle, or what? The guides suggest 50% to 100% increase in mileage, so I assume gasoline is still used, as stated in the "Run Your Car On Water" guide that I got. Any thoughts here, guys? Or gals, if there are any of you researching this idea.

careyfla said...

I was looking for the answer to the same question: How do you get the hydrogen into the cylinder. Especially in a fuel injected engine. I did some research and found several companies that simply inject the hydrogen into the air intake and not necessarily near the intake manifold. The hydrogen and oxygen mix with the air to produce a volatile mixture. Later, in the cylinder, when the diesel or gasoline is injected, it then automatically forms a fuel/hho/air mixture which burns more efficiently than just fuel/air. I think, simply put, you don't have to push the accelerator pedal down as far to get the same performance. That's where the improvement comes from and may be why it varies so much. Different engines deal with air intake differently. Incidently, this is also how a turbo works, by cramming more air (and thus more oxygen) into the cylinder so that the fuel burns more powerfully. If you've ever had a turbo equiped engine and felt the acceleration when it kicks in, you'd know how powerful this idea is. I haven't done my F150 yet. Still doing the thinking part.

Craig said...

I am on the verge of building the HHO kit from RUN YOUR CAR ON WATER also. I have found all the parts suppliers I need but not the “ADAPTER”. I have a few questions that the manual doesn's answer ... maybe somebody else can.

1.The plan leaves out weather the gasoline is entirely cut off or the HHO is mixed with the gasoline/air mix. If it's mixed – can't we just use the methods the Water4Gas guys use and plumb it to the air filter?
2.To keep the Engine ECU from adding more fuel can we utilize the MAP/MAF 'enhancer' to artificially reduce the O2 sensor signal to the ECU. That seems easy enough. Some of these are sold on EBay
3.Am I right that the parts for this system parts (not even counting the ADAPTER, is well over $1000 ($500 US Plastics, $70 Torroid core, $300 Teflon wire, electronic parts, ...)?

Does anybody know someone who built the system from RUN YOUR CAR ON WATER (not the Water4Gas system)? Did it work? What kind of results did they have?


b said...

Hi Everyone,

if you have a question about hho gas devices, your best bet is to post it over here:

Note: craig, we'll get an answer to you if you post it over in the forum.