Sunday, July 30, 2006

Venture Capital for HHO Gas

I've been corresponding with a gentleman representing a VC firm who has performed a bit of initial research into Klein's efforts. Out of respect, I'll keep the identities confidential. Essentially, this person has visited with Klein at his facilities in Florida. His conclusion is that this is a classic case of a technology with many immediate practical applications but in needing of funding and guidance to achieve it's true potential. Accordingly, Aquygen has the potential to be a blockbuster invention. Will we all be driving water powered cars? Only time will tell. For my part, I did some poking around on this particular VC firm and found it to be involved in many enormous projects (read multi-billion dollar infrastructure type projects).

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MrGreen said...

A few red flags:

1. How can you use 4 hp and produce 17 hp?
2. In their video the said the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles store hydrogen at 15,000 psi whereas this HHO gas can be stored at 60 psi. They compared the 15,000 psi approach as storing a hydrogen bomb. This is incorrect. The hydrogen bomb uses nuclear processes. The hydrogen fuel cell engine uses a purely chemical reaction.
3. Can this HHO gas be stored so that it can be analyzed? It appears in both the vehicle and welding application the approach is to use it immediately. How can you analyze it if you don't have it in some form?