Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mike Kerhli Interview

Fulesaver-MPG Inc.'s Mike Kerhli has been selling his EFIE devices for about a year now. He tinkered around with some plans from Eagle Research's George Wiseman and found that he had perfected the result enough to know he could save a lot of people some serious time so he decided to start a business doing just that.   How successful has he been so far?  He's sold over 3000 of these devices.  Until recently, he's been working 20hr days trying to keep up with demand. 

 What are these devices an why do you need one?  If you install an HHO kit on a car with an electronic fuel injection system, the air output through the engine becomes oxygen rich due to better combustion.  The Oxygen sensor on the output will flag this condition and cause the engine to send more gasoline into the engine.  What Mike's EFIE devices do is correct that condition allowing you to achieve the full benefits of an HHO Kit.   Mike is responsible for portions of the Water4Gas manual.  His information in this area is referenced by Ozzie Freedom and includes links to his site.  Kerhli recommends the manual as a big time saver to anyone wanting to start experimenting with this technology. 

Today, Mike is focused on adding to his product line. Next up for production is a wide band oxygen sensor or AFR sensor.  Certain new Japanese vehicles require this type of sensor to take advantage of an HHO Kit. It's interesting, this may explain why Mike Allen at Popular Mechanics received incorrect in his testing results. 

More on this topic later. 

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