Wednesday, October 22, 2008

EFIE Guy Mike Kerhli: Pulling Together HHO Proof

I had a fascinating conversation today with Mike Kerhli from Fuelsaver-MPG Inc., makers of EFIE (Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancers).  I'll be posting excerpts from that conversation on this website and on  

Mike sent me over a nice list of HHO research studies that have been done around the world.  Apparently, HHO has been studied scientifically a bit more often than the Mike Allen's of the world will find comfortable to tolerate. I'm going to be posting that research here for your perusal starting with this article:

Allgeier, T., Klenk, M., Landenfeld, T., Conte, E., Boulouchos, K., Czerwinski, J., “Advanced Emission and Fuel Economy Concept Using Combined Injection of Gasoline and Hydrogen in SI Engines,” Publication #2004-01-1270, March, 2004, Society of Automotive Engineers, Troy, MI.

  • Abstract:  This paper presents data indicating that a hydrogen-enriched gasoline fuel mixture, in a conventional spark-ignited engine, produces improvements in engine efficiency and emissions.


I was able to actually track down one of the authors, Tilo Landenfeld, all the way in Germany.   In the coming days, I hope to be able to share more information about what I learn here. 

There are a number of SAE articles concerning HHO.

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