Monday, August 11, 2008

Water4Gas Testimonial

In following the hho gas world, I get alot of emails from people at various stages of realization that Water4Gas technology works. Today, I got a note from Les Pollyea of State Street Motors in Hastings, MI. He's been in the automotive repair business for 30 years. When I spoke to him today on the phone, the first words of his mouth was, "I was a skeptic. And before we started this thing, we looked at it for 2 months trying to figure out if it was a scam or not a scam. So, finally we did it. And I'm telling you what, we were amazed!" Mr. Pollyea went on to explain that his whole approach to studying this was as a skeptic. He wants to prove it doesnt work. But so far his test results show it does. They are going to install it on 2 more vehicles now.

Just another testimonial from someone without a name, address or phone number, right? Wrong! Mr. Pollyea gave me permission to include his full contact information right here on the blog. That's right, a real person just like you who scratched their head for awhile wondering if they should buy a Water4Gas manual and give this thing a try. I'm sure too many people will call Les and he'll send me an email saying take this info down but for now, here is his exact email to me posted with his permission:

I own and operate STATE STREET MOTORS INC. in Hastings ,Mich. We have recently installed a Water4gas system on my 1997 Chevy Sububan 2500 4X4. Prior to installation the Last 3 fuel economy fuel ratings were avg. 13.2 to 13.4 mpg. after install the first mpg test was 18.2 mpg. we are going to continue testing to see if this was just a fluke or if this system really does have merit. We will mail you a continuing report as we progress.
1455 W. STATE ST.

Here's more of my interview with Les:

Blogger: How long have you been working with cars?

LP: Oh God.....30yrs?

Blogger: So when you first looked at this, you thought it was a complete scam?

LP: Absolutely! Absolutely.

Blogger: Why did you keep looking into it? What pushed you over the edge to try it, if you thought it was a scam?

LP: $4/gallon for fuel and I think curiosity more than anything. That and by God, you know what, if it does work, then why not? I mean if this does work, just look what it would do for the nation.

Blogger: ...or SUV sales. People can't buy Ford or General Motors SUV's these days because of the price of gas.

LP: Exactly. That's it. I'm going to test this on a motorhome which currently gets 7mpg. We're going to test it on there.

Pollyea went on to ask if I hear that others are getting more power from these systems and I said yes, that's what I hear all the time. He said he's getting a very noticeable amount of extra horsepower.

So there you go.

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