Thursday, December 04, 2008

LA Auto Show on HHO Gas

Kevin at continues to be a persistent source of information about hydrogen on demand with this latest report on his visit to the recent LA Auto show.

Check it out.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New HHO Games Article

Rare interview with Ozzy Freedom in this article. He's attending the HHO Games this week. 

Ozzy, I'd love to interview you too!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

HHO Games

Ok, HHO lurkers, it's time again to point out that the HHO Games are coming, giving you the opportunity to get up close and personal with any HHO inventors out there among us.

Article about the event.

For more info on the event:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mike Kerhli Interview

Fulesaver-MPG Inc.'s Mike Kerhli has been selling his EFIE devices for about a year now. He tinkered around with some plans from Eagle Research's George Wiseman and found that he had perfected the result enough to know he could save a lot of people some serious time so he decided to start a business doing just that.   How successful has he been so far?  He's sold over 3000 of these devices.  Until recently, he's been working 20hr days trying to keep up with demand. 

 What are these devices an why do you need one?  If you install an HHO kit on a car with an electronic fuel injection system, the air output through the engine becomes oxygen rich due to better combustion.  The Oxygen sensor on the output will flag this condition and cause the engine to send more gasoline into the engine.  What Mike's EFIE devices do is correct that condition allowing you to achieve the full benefits of an HHO Kit.   Mike is responsible for portions of the Water4Gas manual.  His information in this area is referenced by Ozzie Freedom and includes links to his site.  Kerhli recommends the manual as a big time saver to anyone wanting to start experimenting with this technology. 

Today, Mike is focused on adding to his product line. Next up for production is a wide band oxygen sensor or AFR sensor.  Certain new Japanese vehicles require this type of sensor to take advantage of an HHO Kit. It's interesting, this may explain why Mike Allen at Popular Mechanics received incorrect in his testing results. 

More on this topic later. 

EFIE Guy Mike Kerhli: Pulling Together HHO Proof

I had a fascinating conversation today with Mike Kerhli from Fuelsaver-MPG Inc., makers of EFIE (Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancers).  I'll be posting excerpts from that conversation on this website and on  

Mike sent me over a nice list of HHO research studies that have been done around the world.  Apparently, HHO has been studied scientifically a bit more often than the Mike Allen's of the world will find comfortable to tolerate. I'm going to be posting that research here for your perusal starting with this article:

Allgeier, T., Klenk, M., Landenfeld, T., Conte, E., Boulouchos, K., Czerwinski, J., “Advanced Emission and Fuel Economy Concept Using Combined Injection of Gasoline and Hydrogen in SI Engines,” Publication #2004-01-1270, March, 2004, Society of Automotive Engineers, Troy, MI.

  • Abstract:  This paper presents data indicating that a hydrogen-enriched gasoline fuel mixture, in a conventional spark-ignited engine, produces improvements in engine efficiency and emissions.


I was able to actually track down one of the authors, Tilo Landenfeld, all the way in Germany.   In the coming days, I hope to be able to share more information about what I learn here. 

There are a number of SAE articles concerning HHO.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dynojet Research and HHO Gas Devices

I'm always on the hunt for scientific proof that hho gas devices work as advertised.  What's needed here is a set of valid tests on a dynamometer.  These are hard to find but if you browse this site, you'll find lots of links to the various research performed on hho gas.  Hydrorunner is a company that makes hho gas kits and they've posted their dynamometer testing results on their website.  After clicking around a bit, I noticed that the maker of the Dynamometer was Dynojet Research.  Now here's a company that should know a thing or two about testing an HHO device on a dynamometer.  I'd love to interview someone at Dynojet about this:  if you're reading this, email me:

HHO Vs Popular Mechanics

I've been following Popular Mechanics' Mike Allen lately as he writes about testing HHO devices and I've got to say I've been very disappointed so far.    At the time I spoke to him, he had a Water4Gas manual on his desk and when I asked him a question about an EFIE, he flipped to the section of the ebook and read a couple lines to show he was aware of the issue.  But he did not have one installed at the time.  

Here's the problem.  Mike Allen says that people who experience HHO gas saving improvements are imagining  the results based on a change in their driving habits.  They accelerate less quickly, lay off the gas more often and in general drive in a way that maximizes gas mileage.   Here's the problem I have with that.  People I've spoken to actually report having more torque with these devices and say that they drive faster not slower.  Allen looks sort of funny claiming he's tested these devices and that his pretest conclusions were right when in fact he ends his article by saying he's been testing them just like everyone else has been--flat road testing with an electronic gadget attached to the computer to detect mpg changes.   So based on that, he tells us these things don't work. Then he tells us only a dynamometer test would be conclusive.  Well, which is it?   It's not surprising, Allen insisted these units had no value even before he ran a test.   Then he ran a test and concluded they had no value but then ends his article with an admission that his was another of the invalid tests he criticized.  Do you see what I mean here?  

Here's what I think.  I think Mike Allen should use his pulpit to encourage real testing done by labs authorized by the EPA to run scientifically accepted tests to prove or disprove the efficacy of these devices to save gas.    Is it really going to kill his career to simply say, "hey, I adamantly detest the idea that these things actually work but I have to be honest and admit that  running the type of test required to once and for all establish the truth of HHO gas devices."  Is that going to kill you to say it, Mike?    The EPA has been running tests on these things for 30 years. Trust me, they know how to do the testing. We dont need Popular Mechanics to pretend they know how to conduct the test. 

In the meantime, thousands of people continue to report success with these HHO devices including the gentleman from whom Mike Allen purchased his kit.  

Keep in mind that the National Hydrogen Association has endorsed HHO gas devices which they refer to has hydrogen fuel injection systems. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HydrogenCarsNow Article on Dept of Transportation Report

I've been writing about my personal opinion that the US Federal Government should take a more active role in testing HHO devices also known as hydrogen fuel injectors. The debates seem to go on and on because differences over test procedures, measurement, results interpretation, etc. The EPA has a standard set of test routines that should be utilized to settle these discussions.

In the meantime, the use of hydrogen fuel injection is receiving some attention from the Department of Transportation in a report released in 2007 and uncovered by Kevin at I'll let him lay out the very interesting story.

Mike Allen's Follow Up HHO Testing

I left this comment on Mike Allen's Popular Mechanics comment section regarding his recently publicised testing:

I've spoken to Mike Allen on the phone about his work here on this topic and I dont think the readers are getting the complete story. First of all, Mike Allen has had a theory that this technology does not work. It's a reasonable theory for someone who has tested tons of these devices and never found one that works, but it is just a theory. People who read his article and conclude anything more than that the particular setup Mike tested does not work as advertised are going a bit too far based more on Mike's theory than his test results.
Read his test results. They say very clearly that only a dynamometer test will convince him that the technology works.
Now, Mike will say this technology is too ridiculous to test but since there's such an overwhelming public response, he has to do it. Great. But in doing so, he is perpetuating the very myth he is trying to dispell. What am I talking about?
Mike Allen is not the respected, appropriate authority to provide a scientific test of this technology. Sure, no disrespect because Mike is a smart guy and writes well but he's not what we need folks. By becoming an hho tinkerer himself, he only serves to fuel the idea that tinkering will finally land the big payoff.
To be clear, I do advocate hho tinkering but not if your Mike Allen, the journalist.
What persons like Mike Allen should really be advocating is a true scientific, federally recognized test of this technology. It trully surprises me that Mike Allen hasn't written about the fact that there are truly scientific processes that can be followed, that have been around for years which could settle this question once and for all.
What I advocate, as someone who has written about HHO for 2+yrs, is to have the EPA run their tests on a *series* of these devices. The problem is that these tests cost $14,000 and must be borne by the manufacturer. Sadly, no one has stepped up to subject themselves to these tests. But if the technology works, a real pot of gold lays on the other side of this rainbow.
If Popular Mechanics' intentions are true, then they could use their role to push for a non-standard EPA approach to this technology by having the federal government fund some of these tests. The angle to take could be via the Federal Trade Commission. Or it could be via a simple phone call to one's local House Representative or Senator.
What Mike Allen should really be doing is advocating a real scientific test that would be recognized by the US Federal government.
Would that really kill the so called myth of the water car? Maybe not but it would go a long way towards taming the debate.

Does anyone agree with me here or is everyone convinced that hundreds and thousands of non-authorities should continue to debate their test results?

CNN Money on Ronn Motor Company's H2GO

I've written before about Ronn Motor Company, makers of exotic cars that include HHO Gas systems built in. Apparently, the opportunity for hydrogen fuel injection systems as an aftermarket part was too good for RMC to pass up. They have announced and CNN Money has written about their plans to market and distribute a system which will be manufactured by a larger unnamed player in the space. This could quickly make Ronn Motor the industry leader in hydrogen fuel injection systems.
What's interesting about Ronn Motor is that they are a publicly traded company (Symbol RNNM) subjecting themselves to federal safety and emissions testing through NHTSA and EPA respectively.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Water4Gas Testimonial

In following the hho gas world, I get alot of emails from people at various stages of realization that Water4Gas technology works. Today, I got a note from Les Pollyea of State Street Motors in Hastings, MI. He's been in the automotive repair business for 30 years. When I spoke to him today on the phone, the first words of his mouth was, "I was a skeptic. And before we started this thing, we looked at it for 2 months trying to figure out if it was a scam or not a scam. So, finally we did it. And I'm telling you what, we were amazed!" Mr. Pollyea went on to explain that his whole approach to studying this was as a skeptic. He wants to prove it doesnt work. But so far his test results show it does. They are going to install it on 2 more vehicles now.

Just another testimonial from someone without a name, address or phone number, right? Wrong! Mr. Pollyea gave me permission to include his full contact information right here on the blog. That's right, a real person just like you who scratched their head for awhile wondering if they should buy a Water4Gas manual and give this thing a try. I'm sure too many people will call Les and he'll send me an email saying take this info down but for now, here is his exact email to me posted with his permission:

I own and operate STATE STREET MOTORS INC. in Hastings ,Mich. We have recently installed a Water4gas system on my 1997 Chevy Sububan 2500 4X4. Prior to installation the Last 3 fuel economy fuel ratings were avg. 13.2 to 13.4 mpg. after install the first mpg test was 18.2 mpg. we are going to continue testing to see if this was just a fluke or if this system really does have merit. We will mail you a continuing report as we progress.
1455 W. STATE ST.

Here's more of my interview with Les:

Blogger: How long have you been working with cars?

LP: Oh God.....30yrs?

Blogger: So when you first looked at this, you thought it was a complete scam?

LP: Absolutely! Absolutely.

Blogger: Why did you keep looking into it? What pushed you over the edge to try it, if you thought it was a scam?

LP: $4/gallon for fuel and I think curiosity more than anything. That and by God, you know what, if it does work, then why not? I mean if this does work, just look what it would do for the nation.

Blogger: ...or SUV sales. People can't buy Ford or General Motors SUV's these days because of the price of gas.

LP: Exactly. That's it. I'm going to test this on a motorhome which currently gets 7mpg. We're going to test it on there.

Pollyea went on to ask if I hear that others are getting more power from these systems and I said yes, that's what I hear all the time. He said he's getting a very noticeable amount of extra horsepower.

So there you go.